Commentary on Re Nalpon Zero Geraldo

By Chong Joe En

Assistant Professor Cheah Wui Ling from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law has recently published a commentary on the seminal case of Re Nalpon Zero Geraldo Mario [2013] SGCA 28. Re Nalpon Zero Geraldo is a civil appeal to the Court of Appeal which arose out of a complaint of misconduct made against a Deputy Public Prosecutor. The Court of Appeal in that case elucidated the nature of its jurisdiction and powers.

Professor Cheah’s article explores the implications of Re Nalpon Zero Geraldo in relation to the Courts’ capacity to correct wrongful convictions and can be found on the The Wrongful Convictions Blog is managed by 13 esteemed Professors and experts in criminal law from all across the globe and seeks to provide an international repository for wrongful convictions news.

Chong Joe En, 22, is a second-year student at the National University of Singapore (Law) and a member of the current Innocence Project Core Team.

Article courtesy of Assistant Professor Cheah Wui Ling, National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law: “The inherent jurisdiction/power of Singapore courts to rehear cases of wrongful conviction: Interpreting Re Nalpon Zero Geraldo Mario”

The link to the article can be found here: