Righting an injustice: Innocence Project (Singapore)’s first successful case

justified square imageIn September 2013, a student team from the Innocence Project (Singapore) took on the case of Abdul [1], who had been sentenced to imprisonment and caning for unlawful consumption of drugs. The team’s efforts played an integral role in overturning Abdul’s conviction and subsequent discharge amounting to acquittal.

The Innocence Project (Singapore) is a student-led initiative that seeks to provide recourse to individuals who believe they have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. It is a collaborative effort between the National University of Singapore Criminal Justice Club, The Law Society of Singapore and the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore. Members of the Innocence Project (Singapore) review and investigate claims of wrongful convictions, which include conducting interviews with applicants and witnesses, and seeking out evidence to corroborate the testimonies obtained.

In this 3-part special article, we take a look at what happened, and talk to the Innocence Project (Singapore) team behind the investigation as well as the Pro Bono lawyer who took up the case. Continue reading


Mental Illness and Malingering

By Chong Joe En

Mental illnesses are an unspoken and often unseen aspect of any society and Singapore is no exception. Studies show that at least 1 in 17 Singaporeans have suffered from depression at some point in time in their lives.This aspect of mental health often has far reaching impacts on criminality and criminal defence. Read More