Dealing with Obsolete Forensic Methods

By Jeremy Goh, Reynard Chua and Ng Yeeting

Santae Tribble, 52, was convicted for the murder of a Southeast Washington taxi driver in 1978.  The killer was witnessed to be wearing a stocking. A piece of hair was subsequently recovered from a stocking found near the crime scene. A FBI examiner found that piece of hair microscopically matched Tribble’s. Read More


The Desire for Justice

By Chen Chongguang Daniel

The desire for Justice is innate in all of us. There need not be any other reason to strive for it, other than achieving Justice itself. This is regardless of the (deemed) gravity of the situation at hand, or our relationship (or lack thereof) with the person who stands to lose most from any potential injustice. Read More

The Need for Greater Legal Representation in Singapore

By Chong Joe En

In an archetypal criminal case, an accused person is safeguarded and championed by his defence counsel. Yet this stereotype does not always hold true. In his 2010 Keynote Addressto the staff of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore, former Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong noted with concern Read More