Escaping the gallows – Drug Mules, Death Penalties and Discretion

By Yeoh Jean Ann, An Xian Chen, Shannon Chua, Kevin Lau

Singapore is famous for her zero-tolerance approach against drugs, and infamous for having one of the world’s highest per-capita execution rates.1 Up till recently, the death penalty was mandatory for offences such as murder and drug trafficking over a certain weight. This controversial issue has always received the ire of anti-capital punishment activists. Read More


Innocence is the Best Defence

By Chan Min Hui, Vincent Ho and Qua Bi Qi

The Greek playwright, Euripides, once wrote: “Ours is a universe in which justice is accidental, and innocence no protection.” Given the stereotypical harshness and efficiency of Singapore’s criminal justice system, it is paramount that the accused persons can rely upon their actual innocence as a refuge against wrongful convictions. Read More