Dealing with Obsolete Forensic Methods

By Jeremy Goh, Reynard Chua and Ng Yeeting

Santae Tribble, 52, was convicted for the murder of a Southeast Washington taxi driver in 1978.  The killer was witnessed to be wearing a stocking. A piece of hair was subsequently recovered from a stocking found near the crime scene. A FBI examiner found that piece of hair microscopically matched Tribble’s. Read More


A Global Study on Wrongful Convictions

By Chong Joe En

In April 2011, lawyers, scholars, and exonerated victims from across the globe convened in Cincinnati to explore the phenomenon of wrongful convictions in the international arena. The fruits of this seminal conference have now been officially published in the University of Cincinnati Law Review.  Read More

Innocence is the Best Defence

By Chan Min Hui, Vincent Ho and Qua Bi Qi

The Greek playwright, Euripides, once wrote: “Ours is a universe in which justice is accidental, and innocence no protection.” Given the stereotypical harshness and efficiency of Singapore’s criminal justice system, it is paramount that the accused persons can rely upon their actual innocence as a refuge against wrongful convictions. Read More